Where We Should Draw the Line When Using Selfie Apps

Selfies are definitely a staple in today’s social media society. We’re all taking a selfie and sharing them to our social media profiles for our friends and family to see. While there isn’t anything wrong with taking selfies, at what point does it become unhealthy for us? We are on social media 24/7 and when we do, we see popular social media influences and mainstream celebrities appearing before us in selfie form without a single flaw. We then try to replicate these people by using selfie apps to edit our photos before sharing.

While we are constantly worried about meeting these ridiculously high beauty standards, we’re not just posting selfies anymore. We’re posting selfies that have to pass through a selfie app and its strategic filtering in order to create this version of beauty that’s considered the norm. With selfie apps and the alarming amount of people using them, we’re furthering that idea of impossible standards among the world. People can and do develop serious mental illnesses from trying desperately to attain today’s standards which, just goes to show how dangerous it is to be taking part in it by using selfie apps.

The world of social media sharing isn’t all negative, though. In fact, using certain selfie apps that adjust the overall quality of your photos aren’t really contributing to that idealism of trying to attain perfection. Adjusting the quality of a picture that doesn’t edit out your individuality is great and handy to have if you have a photo with bad quality lighting. All in all, not all selfie apps are backed with negatives. But if we use these editing apps to adjust or edit our appearance, we’re just contributing to the bad representation in our society of what’s considered beauty.

Our selfies say a lot about us and we can manipulate what we want to say to the online community by the photos we choose to share. If we are continuously sharing the same manually perfected selfies using selfie apps, we’re not sharing selfies the right way. For those who don’t meet the high standards of beauty, they are bullied and ridiculed online and off. Online bullying is just as terrible as real life though, and it is a real problem today, so we should also be taking this into account before using selfie apps. We should all come together and embrace our individuality instead of editing ourselves out of the picture.

A very large majority of the social media realm is populated by influences. These people influence us, as well as many young people into being like them – whether they mean to or not. The fact of it is, these young people who interact on social media are easily influenced by these flawless celebrities and aspire to replicate them in many ways. Selfie apps are then used by the same young people in order to attain a certain level of appearance from their inspiration. We should collectively teach ourselves and these younger people to accept themselves instead of promoting editing tools.

Styling tips for the perfect boho summer look

If you are looking to go boho this summer, you have made the right choice.  Bohemian style clothing allows you to play around with your look in endless ways. You will simply be enthralled with your options. Here are the 5 tips that will help you nail the perfect boho summer look this season.

  1. Keep it breezy

After all it is the summer, so make it a point to keep your fabrics skin friendly. Bunk the heavy and unbreathable materials such as wool, silk, and polyester. Cotton is always a yes, it not only allows the skin to breathe, but also keeps the clothes from looking too bulky. Choose garments that allow plenty of freedom in movement. Frilled skirts, harem pants, gauchos and maxi skirts are always great for summer. These pieces also add versatility to your wardrobe as you can easily mix and match them with the rest of your collection in case you want to try out a different look.

  1. Choose the right footwear

During the summer months, feet usually swell up. This means that shoes that would have otherwise given you a good fit, will start to be uncomfortable. This can soon lead to blistering causing further discomfort. Therefore, the best thing to do is to get an entire set of footwear, specifically for the summer. Open toed, anti-slip shoes are the best for the summer months. Also, don’t forget to buy a pair of flip flops for easy wear. These will also come in very handy if you frequent the beach.

  1. Bags

This is not the best part about summer, but you have to pay attention to even the smallest of things like the size, weight, and material of the bags you carry. Heavy bags with coarse materials are very much likely to cause rashes and bruises. Resort to compact packing, to make sure your bags have a boho touch, opt for materials like leather and suede, frills and embroidery will uplift the look. Do not overcrowd the bag with too many items. Carry only the basics as this will help you cut down on weight.

  1. Play with colors

Boho fashion is all about freedom and liveliness, so what better time to play with colors than summer. Go for bright colors like muted orange, muted yellow, reddish brown, soft blue and soft green. You can also choose from prints as long as they are in tune with the bohemian theme. Fine Aztec prints, paisleys, tribal prints and geometric prints are very definitive of boho fashion. Mix and match your garments in a way that there is the right balance between prints and different colors.

  1. Jewelry

It is the summer, so don’t make your look too over the top with a stack of chunky jewelry. You could instead go natural with shells and wooden jewelry. These can be worn at the beach as well as festivals. The jewelry should be able to reflect the fun and playful side of you and add vibrancy to your overall look.

  1. Feather and tassels

It is not every day that you get to wear feather accessories. So take full advantage of the summer and rock the look with some chic boho outfits. Feathers attached to hoop earrings are very light and outgoing. They add a very laid back touch to your look. So get into the spirit and pick up some tassels and feathers before the season is over.


Boho Scarf Hairstyles That You Can Try Out

Head scarves are very definitive of bohemian attire. They create a very cool and laid back look that can be worn anytime of the year, to almost any event. The best part, however, is that you have an endless choice of scarves as well as endless ways to tie them. Here are just a few ways in which you could wear a head scarf.

  1. Make a bow at the front


Take a scarf and fold it, keeping the width thick. Wrap this around your head and bring back the loose ends at the front to tie a bow. Make sure that the bow is not too elaborate or you will end up looking cute instead of sexy and glamorous.

  1. Roll up

Take a thin scarf of medium length and roll it until the scarf looks more like a thick rope. You can then tie this around your head in a single or double layer to create an unconventional and sexy look. This will look best with a neat hairstyle such as a clean bun or a slick back. To make a bold statement, go for bold colors such as bright red, teal, orange or aquamarine. This way, you can also play up your make-up without making the look too exaggerated.

  1. Wear it low over the headband

Take a broad scarf and tie a thick band, low over your forehead. This will look best with casual free flowing outfits and a rugged boho look. This will give a hippie touch to your look. Complete the look with bright lips and a pair of reflectors and the stage is all yours.

  1. Wear it as a turban


This style is best if you are attending a formal event. Take a scarf that stays in theme with your outfit and wrap it into a turban. This will keep the hair from falling over your face unnecessarily and will also add a certain degree of importance to your look.

  1. Wear it as a winter headband


If the weather is really cool outside, take a scarf with thick fabric and a neutral shade such as cream, gray, ochre etc. You can make a thick wrap around your head, also covering the ears. This will look great and also do a great job of keeping you warm.

  1. Braid it

Take a thin scarf of relatively thin material such as chiffon. Wrap it around your head and braid the remaining portion. Then use this braid to secure the headband in place. This will work great for feminine styles.

  1. Keep it effortless

To add an effortless, boho glam to your outfit, take a long scarf and wrap it around your head in a single turn. Then tie it at the back and let the ends fall freely. You can also bring the free ends to the front.

  1. Make a bun

Wear your hair in a high bun and tie the scarf around the bun. Keep the look bold by choosing deep colors such as ruby, mauve, deep red or chocolate brown. This unconventional way of wearing the scarf will make you look very cool and outstanding.